Logitech G Fits earbuds have custom molding ear tips for passive noise isolation and peak comfort

The sound quality and comfortable fit of any pair of earbuds depends on how well they rest inside your ear canals. Audiophiles who want the best experience often go for the custom-fit ear tips that mold to the shape of the ear canal for the best possible passive noise isolation and state-of-the-art comfort.

Logitech is entering the highly competitive true wireless earbuds market with a USP all audiophiles will be interested in. The stylish earbuds bring to the fore custom molded ear tips that promise the best-personalized fit audio lovers can wish from TWS earbuds on the market. Of course, not forget the enhanced bass, sound quality and isolation from disturbing noises in crowded spaces without relying on Active Noise Canceling feature.

Designer: Logitech

In a way the Logitech G Fits are similar to the Ultimate Ears’ (a brand that Logitech owns) UE Fits earbuds that boast the Lightform feature making the custom molded fit possible. Their feature list for gamers and power users makes the G series earbuds a better option. The pill-shaped earbuds when inserted for the first time in the ear canals will prompt the user to push a button so that the gel tips harden with flashing LEDs, taking up the ear’s canal shape in a 60-seconds setup. This totally seals the cavity without causing long-term wearing discomfort and blocks all the noises. Now, how cool is that?

Let’s not forget, these are centered on gaming and an active lifestyle, so Logitech has equipped them with Lightspeed wireless technology for the lowest possible low-latency connection. Also, there are Bluetooth capabilities for gaming and standard mode options depending on usage. The Lightspeed dongle connects via USB-A or the USB A-to-C adapter for a negligible audio delay while gaming. This ensures seamless connectivity with any device you want to connect with like the Logitech G Cloud handheld or even PlayStation 5.

Since the G Fits virtually eliminate the need for any active noise canceling, the earbuds last for 10 hours on a single charge and another 12 hours in the battery case. Though it should be noted, the Lightspeed mode will bring the figure down to 7 hours and 8 hours in the charging case respectively. Having 10mm drivers, the G Fits promise a “full, warm, detailed sound with deep, punchy bass.” The dual beamforming microphones per bud deliver vocal clarity for taking calls or in-game conversations.

Overall, I like the prospect of Logitech’s unique offering – especially, the ability to get the best custom fit as it enhances the overall listening experience. They’ll be available for a price tag of $229 in two color options – back and white – when finally available in October next month. Initially, the earbuds will be launched in North America and in other parts of the world in 2023.