Our favorite tiny prefab home made 99% offsite & set to redefine affordable + sustainable construction has unveiled new information!

Hüga means finding happiness in small things, a concept born from the Danish philosophy ‘Hygee that is followed by thousands of people around the world. This is exactly where Grandio drew its inspiration from to develop a unique, different project that combines a set of brilliant ideas with design, construction, and marketing. After 24 months of work by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from Córdoba, Hüga was born – the future of the tiny home movement! Let’s look at the new information on our favorite tiny house and see more images!

Grandio uses its technology to keep the architectural industry to date with its building system that allows for 99% offsite construction. In October 2020, they unveiled their very first prefabricated concrete home called Hüga. Today, the team has developed an advanced enough system using the same technology that can be deployed for commercial, hospitality, and residential functions thus scaling up its positive impact on sustainable construction. Hüga was made to find a solution for the unsatisfying demand in housing and public buildings because that industry has remained the same for centuries. ‘the use of brick in our constructions for over 5000 years is a clear example of how the construction industry is reluctant to change. The construction industry is still looking for a satisfactory solution, one that replaces the slow and expensive traditional systems that require skilled labor.

The Argentina-based studio wanted to provide a more efficient way to build and formed a multidisciplinary team of 23 professionals, civil, mechanical, and industrial engineers, architects, industrial designers, and specialist technicians to create modern construction methods (MMC) and world-class manufacturing (WCM). The final results are these hüga units that are built with reinforced concrete and designed for minimal maintenance as well as reducing your energy costs. These compact homes can withstand all climates and adverse conditions, including earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes. Hüga homes are also mobile and modular so much so that you can extend your house in plan in just one day.

Hüga also reduces construction time and any company can use integrate this technology. The goal of this design is to democratize technology with an affordable technological license for professionals or construction companies so that impact can be made on a large scale keeping the environmental impact in mind. This license helps companies with daily monitoring and support from professionals in both construction and sales processes. Both consumers and companies using the system will benefit from any new innovations developed by the Grandio R&D laboratory for free as their community benefit. But it’s not just for homes, Hüga can also be used for commercial functions like cafés or restaurants.

“Hüga technology aims to revolutionize the construction industry, achieving innovation in the final product, in its commercialization, and especially in its manufacturing process. With the use of modern construction methods (MMC) and the efficiency of world-class manufacturing (WCM), all companies in the hüga ecosystem will be able to present disruptive building responses to the current and future demand of our planet. The massive use of this technology will accelerate the urgent changes that our population needs. Hüga technology came to change history in the construction industry. Hüga came to revolutionize our way of living, undertaking, or investing,” concludes the Grandio team. We can imagine Hüga urban villages as the future of sustainable, affordable, and flexible living!

Designer: Grandio