Gingko’s Smart Aroma Diffuser doubles up as the perfect minimalist Desk Light

No matter how you cut it, Gingko’s latest little product makes itself useful on your tabletop.

With a simple aesthetic that echoes the minimalist principles of Scandinavian design, the Gingko Smart Diffuser Lamp comes with a monolithic form that houses a fragrance diffuser in its upper half and a neat, ambient desk lamp in its lower half. The objét de maison is crafted from a combination of wood, copper, and frosted acrylic glass, giving it an earthy, warm appearance that’s come to become a signature feature across all of Gingko’s products.

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

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The Smart Diffuser Lamp’s appeal lies in its multisensorial approach. The lamp itself has a soft, warm glow that effectively illuminates tabletops, while the diffuser on top helps fill entire rooms with fragrances of your choice. To operate the lamp and the diffuser, a clever touch-sensitive gold button on the front helps you tap to cycle through the lamp’s brightness levels as well as the diffuser function, giving you a tactile user experience too.

The diffuser comes with a wooden body (available in American Walnut or White Ash), with a copper vessel on top that holds the diffuser oil/fragrance of your choice. A circular button on the wooden body lets you activate the diffuser’s heating function, allowing the fragrance to waft off the dish and diffuse into the air. The button also activates the 1W warm LED below, which can be set at 3 different brightness levels, helping you craft the visual and olfactory ambiance of your choice.

The entire device runs on a 780mAh internal battery, which gives the lamp anywhere between 3-10 hours of operation (based on your brightness setting) or runs the diffuser for 1-2 cycles. It weighs a mere 290 grams too or 0.6 lbs, making it a rather portable little device (although it’s best to check whether the heating element of the diffuser is off before carrying your Smart Diffuser Lamp around). Each Gingko Smart Diffuser Lamp comes with its own 5V charger, a 2-year warranty, and ships in a premium gift-box.

Click Here to Buy Now: $55.20 $69 (20% off with coupon code “YANKO20”). Hurry, sale ends Dec 10th and for YD readers only!