Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 3

It’s April first, aka April Fool’s Day! While we are acutely aware of how COVID-19 pandemic has us safely quarantined in our homes for the near future, we can’t help but worry over this nightmare and hope for some relief. So much so that many of us (including me) lost sight of the fact that its April’s Fools Day, the day traditionally filled with light-hearted pranks. Today we decided to push the gloomy news aside and bring to you some well-designed entertaining products that according to their designer and creator are completely unnecessary, but are sure to bring some well-deserved laughter and brighten up your day! Meet Matt Benedetto, the designer running the page Unnecessary Inventions whose inventions have taken the internet by storm!

They say two is better than one but in this case, one is more than enough to take on both of your pockets. We are talking about the Solo Stash™️, a uni-pocket that stretches across the back of your jeans, providing a huge space to store all things extra. Now only if we could store this lot and sit down comfortably…

Even after the COVID-19 dies down a bit, we are going to require self-discipline and prevention techniques that ensure we don’t revive the pandemic. Built following the CDC guidelines, the Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt™️ comes with spandex connected strings that won’t let your hands touch your face! The utility belt comes with 2 spare ‘hands’, one for shaking hands with the people you meet so you don’t seem disrespectful while the other hand comes with an attached sleeve for you to sneeze into! Lastly, two hand-washing pockets are attached at the front of this multi-functional gadget to keep your hands washed and clean at all times.

For the days when you are too cold to flip people off but just have to, because how else would you display your feelings for them, you have the Flippin’ Mittens™️! Designed to keep your fingers warm and your opinions public, this mitten arrives with a very specific middle-finger cutout that can be flexed to flip people off without losing the warm sanctuary of your mittens.

Do you know those moments in life when you need to have a nugget to keep you going? This necklace is for all the breakfast, pre-lunch, post-lunch or whatever-ungodly-hour times the cravings strike. Whenever the chicken nugget fervor rises, the Nuggie Necklace™️ is here to rescue you. If you ask me, I would take this over a Batmobile any day, unless the Batmobile has a nugget compartment!

Summer is almost here and who wants to waste all that time rubbing deodorant on our armpits? Well, now you don’t have to! The Dual-Odorant™️ comes equipped with two deodorant sticks (go with the same fragrance or you can even mix them up for fun) that lets you get minty-fresh pits in half the time!

Stylishly transparent, the Transpari Pockets™️ permanently solves the lifelong question – which pant has my wallet and keys?! Providing guaranteed 100% transparent plastic and durability, this hottest piece from the fashion runaways is the perfect mix of functionality and a certain, umm…shall we say, aesthetic quality!

This state-of-the-art Offensive Snowball Maker™️ has you prepped for the upcoming winter. In fact, we are so impressed by it, we might just take it out with us to the beach and make sand structures of this perfectly sculpted middle-finger shaped mould. Who would dare to kick my sandcastle now (evil laughter)!

Don’t you just hate it when you want to listen to your music with only one AirPod but the sound stops the moment you remove the unwanted earbud? Worry not, the ExtraEar Pod™️ is here to hold onto the extra earbud while you single-handedly (I mean ear-ly) listen to your favorite tunes!

This invention might just become a real-life bestseller! Meet the Crapper Concealer™️- your best buddy for those days you know you will let out some obnoxiously smelly fumes and don’t want to be recognized by your neighbors in the adjoining stalls by your uniquely fabulous shoes. Just enter the loo, put on your Crapper Concealers and happily go about making the space unfit for human occupation!

Have you been poked in the eye or lost your noodles, dumpling, or food in general to chopsticks manhandling? The Handy Chops™️ are here to save your morsel! These hand-shaped chopsticks carry all the style of the chopsticks without requiring any kung-fu ability to take the food to your mouth. Now conveniently eat with hands, albeit not you own.

If you’re interested in more unnecessary yet intriguing designs like these, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!