This portable coffee maker is powered by a solar bank that can charge five devices simultaneously!

Being an expat I know that moving all the time means you will not always have a coffee machine on hand. Or maybe you live in a remote place and there are power cuts? Yes, I know you are thinking French press but that is a lot of work so what if I tell you that there is a coffee maker that integrates the best of electronics, clean energy, and brewing process to a degree where you never have to wonder “Oh, but how will we make coffee now?” Simple – use GoSun Brew!

With GoSun’s portable brewer, you can make an incredible cup of coffee or tea, from start to finish, in an all in one cup anywhere, anytime – nothing can stop you! The power comes from a 130W Heater and an integrated French press which have been fused into a doubled insulated mug that will not only brew your drink, but it will keep your drink hot for hours. So if you are like me and avoid camping because you turn into a bear without your caffeine fix, GoSun has got you.

So how is this company solving every problem a coffee lover can have? Well, GoSun is a pioneer in the fuel-free industry and it is utilizing the best of clean tech to help you use more sun…to brew more coffee. “We love being outdoors, sharing our experiences and staying connected, but we hate running out of power and we hate missing our morning coffee – that’s why we created both GoSun Brew and GoSun Power,” says the team who obviously gets good ideas only after their morning fix. You can brew fresh coffee in as little as 15 minutes: simply add water, plug in your flask to the solar-powered power bank, heat for 10 minutes (wait till auto shut-off and LED indicator) after which you add coffee grounds and steep. With the leak-proof lid, you can carry it on-the-go without having to stop through driveways or spilling it on your shirt when you are late for work. With the GoSun Brew, you don’t need the stove (gas, lighter, fire, etc.), kettle, pot, grid power, or any separate accessories to make your favorite drink.

The design is so versatile that it lets you reheat beverages as well as food like baby formula and sauces. You can even make instant meals like oatmeal, ramen noodles, soups, and more, making it a super versatile product to have. It can also pasteurize water (allows contaminated water to be safe to consume) so I would say it deserves a spot in your emergency kit! Brewing coffee or tea while traveling, camping, or during a power outage, is nearly impossible without burning something and since GoSun is all about clean tech, they let you do it all without fire – solar power for the win! GoSun Power 266 lets you brew up to eight coffee cups if your trip demands you to stay off the grid for long hours. The power bank is as multifunctional as the coffee maker, it also has the capabilities of a flashlight and a wireless charger that can charge up to five devices simultaneously.

For the ultimate outdoor experience powered by clean energy, you can also get the Solar Kitchen which is a set of solar panels as well as the whole kit including – GoSun Solar Table, GoSun Chill, GoSun Fusion, GoSun Power 266, and GoSun Brew so you literally make a whole Thanksgiving dinner while camping if you want to! “We are big coffee lovers here at GoSun. Before this invention, brewing that precious cup of morning coffee was impossible without gas or fire. Unfortunately, fires are dangerous and can be highly destructive as we’ve seen so much this year. Now, thanks to the launch of the GoSun Brew, you can make your morning cup of joe and charge your devices with clean, powerful, free energy from the Sun. It’s time to stop the burn, and now is the time to go solar,” says Sherwin, founder of GoSun who wants to make independent, healthy and resilient living possible with heaps of good food and drinks.

Designer: GoSun

Click here to Buy Now: $89 $159 ($70 off). Hurry, only 18/100 left!

GoSun Brew (Travel Coffee Maker) & GoSun Power (Portable Solar Power)

The GoSun Brew cup is a french press & heater in one and GoSun Power is a compact solar power bank with enough energy and outlets to charge almost any electronics you have.

GoSun Brew

The GoSun Brew features a 130W Heater and integrated French Press, this doubled insulated mug will not only brew your drink, but it will keep your drink hot for hours.

Features of the GoSun Brew:

– Spacious. Insulated mug holds 12oz (350ml), so you don’t have to be stingy.
– Easy to clean. Stainless-steel mug is BPA free & dishwasher safe.
– Convenient. Fits in car cup holder, plus every car has a 12V outlet.

Coffee Made Simple – GoSun Brew makes coffee easy, deploying 100 year old French Press tech with an integrated heater. Brew fresh coffee in as little as 15 minutes: 1) add water 2) plug in Brew to power, heat for 10 minutes (wait til auto shut-off and LED indicator) 3) add coffee grounds and steep 4) add Lid and French Press 5) Leak-Proof Lid lets you go on the move, 6) Enjoy!

What Else Can You Make – Making coffee is critical but Brew can do more. Thinking only in terms of the world’s highest traded commodity (coffee) is so limiting. GoSun Brew can also:

– Reheat beverages and food like baby formula, sauces
– Brew tea, hot chocolate, matcha, milk, cider
– Make instant meals like oatmeal, ramen noodles, soups, and more
– Maintain your drink’s preferred temperature
– Pasteurize water (allows contaminated water to be consumable)

GoSun Power 266

Drink up, there’s energy for eight cups of coffee in the optional GoSun Power 266 powerbank. With the best power to weight of all energy devices out there, GoSun Power 266 powerbank is super versatile with the ability to fuel almost every laptop made. Plus, when it’s time to recharge, you can truly rely on the solar upgrades to remain off-grid.

Plenty of Power Options – Beyond coffee, the GoSun Power is capable of delivering speedy charges to multiple devices at once: 1) a Qi wireless charger for phones, earpods and wearables 2) two USB-C ports with incredible functionality 3) an adjustable DC port from 12 to 24 volts for laptops and electronics 4) a flashlight 5) a standard USB port 6) a high amperage (15A) 12V cigarette port.

Power Inputs – Starting with the Sun, our primary source of energy on planet Earth, opt for one of three solar options:

– SolarPanel 30
– SolarPanel 30 (2x)
– Solar Table 120 (120 watts multi-crystaline)

Every Power 266 comes with the ability to charge with an AC Adapter (included) and with USB-C

Power Outputs – Each battery comes with two DC powercords and eight common DC adapters for appliances such as: laptops, air compressors, fans, lights, routers, speakers, vacuums, electronics, cameras, etc.

How Many Cycles Per Charge – GoSun Power holds 266 Watt Hours or 72,000mAH of lithium ion stored energy. For its size, it stores a huge amount of energy, and it’s very easy to recharge again and again. The below image shows how long it will run.

Power Multiple Devices – The 15 Amp, 12 volt power outlet is powerful enough to run an air compressor, CPAP machine, appliances and their very own GoSun Chill, Portable Fridge, and GoSun Fusion, Hybrid Solar Oven that can cook at night.

Integrated Flashlight – Instead of relying on your phone’s light, the Power 266’s light is eight times brighter and it lasts for days. Since Power 266 fits in your hand, it functions as a flashlight better than most flashlights.

Click here to Buy Now: $89 $159 ($70 off). Hurry, only 18/100 left!