Eva Solo’s 2-in-1 dustpan is easy to use and easy on the eyes!

Quite simply the most elegantly designed dust-collecting apparatus I’ve seen in a while, Eva Solo’s Sweep dustpan perfectly complements the house it finds itself in. Unlike most plastic dustpans that take on a utilitarian approach to the act of cleaning, the Sweep does its job both by being effective at gathering dust, as well as aesthetic when not in use. The two-part product comes with a circular design that splits into an Oakwood broom with silicone bristles that efficiently gather dust and debris, along with a matte-black plastic pan that uses a hollow semicircular design to scoop the dust collected by the broom.

The broom’s soft form is easy to hold and even features a thumb-hole that allows you to grip it well. The Sweep even comes with a leather lanyard that lets you hang it anywhere around the house, because let’s just agree that this is one household cleaning accessory you wouldn’t mind letting guests look at!

Designer: Eva Solo