Made out of concrete, the Merge Desk Pen wonderfully captures minimal brutalism

Literally the product of a Boolean Union, the Merge Desk Pen from 22 Design Studio is remarkable for its uniquely simplistic form, as well as the material used to achieve it. Cast out of high-density concrete, the Merge Desk Pen is one of 22 Design Studio’s many experimentations with the material, turning the humble construction powder into something more personal and premium. One could argue its use in the stationery category is especially poetic, considering how concrete and pens are both responsible for building, be it structures or narratives!

The Merge Desk Pen comes in the classic gray concrete finish, as well as an unusually eye-catching bright red hue. The pen docks right into the stand in the same way a quill sits in an inkpot, at a slight tilt, while contrasting a quill’s lightness with a broad, thick grip that’s great to hold and write with – and an overall form that is sure to attract eyes with its minimal brutalist design!

Designer: 22 Design Studio