The streamlined Audi e-tron GT looks like it was inspired by a wind-tunnel test!

It isn’t often that we see a car with such a tight, dramatic curve running along the top from front to back. Almost borrowing from a style that Lamborghini adopted with its classics like the Countach, the Audi e-tron GT concept is an autonomous vehicle designed for long-distance travel. That beautiful unbroken curve on the top, it doesn’t just give the car aerodynamics, it also allows the car to have a larger, more spacious cabin.

In fact, the focus on spacious-ness (if that’s even a word) is perhaps the e-tron GT’s biggest selling point. With just two seats on the inside, infinite leg-room, and a dedicated space to store your luggage and bags, the e-tron GT is all about taking a break (brake?) from driving and leaving it up to the car’s AI, which works on Level 5 autonomy. Riders access the car using its two massive gullwing doors and are greeted with a cabin that looks quite like a room on wheels. The e-tron GT doesn’t come with steering wheels or controls. Instead, a wraparound dashboard screen communicates with you, greeting you when you enter, and giving you ride updates as you proceed.

The car’s exteriors are rather interesting too. The automobile is characterized by a continuous panoramic sunroof that goes all the way from the front to the back, while the sides have discreet one-way windows that seamlessly blend with the car’s side panels thanks to the use of a translucent metallic paint job. The e-tron GT’s aesthetic mirrors the Cybertruck in a variety of ways too, from the use of silver paint and black glass, to the relatively angular design, and even the razor-thin headlamps and taillamps… although the e-tron GT looks a whole lot better, in my opinion.

Designers: Hyojun Shin, Taek Lee & Seonghwan Hong