This polaroid camera goes modern with an analog slider and a burst mode!

Have you ever used an instant camera? I must say they’re pretty fun, and using one is a totally unique experience on its own. However, they’re quite limited as they can only capture one single moment, not multiple ones. With the advanced instant cameras today, you can print out a single picture several times, but you can’t deny capturing multiple images in quick succession is much more satisfying. You might say we do have our smartphones and their cool burst mode for that, but come on, there’s something so quintessential and vintage-esque about using an instant camera! In answer to our prayers, designer Cheolsu Park created Picslot. Picslot is an adorable instant camera concept that can capture and print multiple moments…or to be more accurate up to six!

Designer: Cheolsu Park

Picslot is quite similar to the burst mode on our smartphones, however, unlike our smartphones, it has been designed to capture only a few precious moments…not all of them! (I know we’re all guilty of binge-clicking everything around us on some vacation) Once you click the shutter button and continuously capture all six images, it’s time to choose which one to print, or maybe all?

A circular button runs along one side of the camera. Various slots ranging from one to six have been added, you simply slide the button and move it to the selected slot or the moment, press the button and that particular picture is printed! You can print all six, or only the ones that meet your criteria.

With its capacity to click and print multiple picture slots, Picslot overcomes the limitations of traditional instant cameras, while retaining their uniqueness, and the thrill that comes along with using one. Not to mention Picslot is quite cute and meets all my aesthetic goals for sure!