This collectible retro voice recorder has been handcrafted from sustainable wood!

In an era of modern innovations and upgrades, BrandNewNoise has come up with a wooden voice recorder that looks like it’s straight out of the 70s! Loopy Lou is a retro voice recorder that has been handcrafted from sustainable wood in Brooklyn, New York. The eccentric recorder can record only 30 seconds of audio, owing to its built-in microphone. With two little turntables for eyes, a round silver knob for pitch control, a loop switch and a 1/8th output, it’s a completely analog experience of recording and warping audio.

The red record button on the left allows you to record audio, whereas toggling the switch lets you playback and continuously play your recording. The pitch control knob allows you to play around and warp the audio, creating quirky noises you would only expect aliens to make! The black button lets you stop and hear your recording.

The battery-operated recorder is free of any wires and cords. But you can always connect your headphones, speakers and recording gear! Let’s face it, this is not something you want for actual usage, given how almost every phone comes with an in-built recorder and an array of apps to help you play with it. The Loopy Lou is a visual reminder and a throwback to the lo-fi days where owning a gadget like this quirky voice recorder was a matter of joy, and considered a collectible! Interactive, retro and not to mention sustainable, it’s a voice recorder I would love to have in my collection.

Designer: BrandNewNoise

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