Design is Best with Stomping

I said that and I’ll say it again. Stomping. Design is best with stomping. If you have to stomp to make the device work, then it’s good. Unless it’s a television. This is what you throw the tiny broken tv into. Then you stomp it. With the ironically titled “Armstrong Bin” compression dustbin, you can compact your trash and get a total thumbs up from the earth that the garbage is inevitably going to fill up!

Kidding! The title is actually very clever with the concept. It’s Armstrong like Neil Armstrong, aka the first man to stomp on the moon. The Armstrong dust bin aims to be the first cleverly named step in reducing the space taken by the garbage we just do not stop making!

Stomp it. Stomp it and KILL it.

Designers: Hyunsoo Kim, Young min Yoon, Seunghee Son, Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park


  • J Bizzle says:

    so when you compress the bin, all those lovely bin juice smells just get pumped out into your kitchen…..lovely.

    • Carl says:

      agree with bizzle. infact you are doing in your kitchen what the disposal truck does, thus allowing you to trash more waste into your bins. would a better solution to be to not bin as much?

  • zara says:

    Nice. Creative work. 🙂

  • J Dizzle says:

    And how do you propose to keep all the smashed up trashy bits out of the corrugations?

    I’ll leave the crushing to the compactors and trash trucks, thanks.

    I really wish this site would reward solutions to actual problems rather than adverstise every silly thing that a first year ID student dreams up. I’m loosing my interest in coming here.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you.

      And what about the shape of the inner surfaces of the bin? How the hell do you clean that?

    • Armin says:

      It’s nice ‘cuz you dont have to take out the trash as often.

      I was thinking of the corrugations too, a circular transformation would’ve been better (think nuts & bolts).

      Also, I suppose the rendering lacks a bag, which would keep the corrugations clean (if it wasn’t caught up in there).

    • mad says:

      That’s exactly what i thought when I saw it. It wold be very hard to get the bag out of every single corrugation.

  • Andy H says:

    God forbid you put anything liquid or near liquid in there.

    Sure you could stomp it, but you’d have to spend the next hour cleaning old salsa off the wall across the room!

  • Andres H says:

    First of all, your comments only valid IF you can even compact the damn trash, to begin with… I don’t only trash paper… And yeah, don’t they already do that on the trucks?

    It was a creative idea, I admit, really stupid, but creative.

  • john says:

    i could use this rubbish bin every day at home

    • Carl says:

      you home must smell

      • Kevin M. says:

        Don’t be a prick…
        This a well thought product. Really I don’t think it’s used for the Kitchen, more for the people who have bags filled with paper, such as designers or artists in general.

  • Esmond says:

    I must agree. This just isn’t practical enough. Its a nice idea but a lot of aspects haven’t been thought through.

  • Cathy says:

    guys guys, here’s a solution = this is a paper only bin =D

  • juegos says:

    Very cool idea, I want one 🙂 trash bags will last longer

  • Kola says:

    So what happens after the garbage is dispose. What happens to the waste, and how it decompose without harming the environment?

  • Sarah says:

    Good office or bathroom trash can. Wouldn’t use it in the kitchen but its definitely GREAT for paper products! And if was all paper trash, recycling would be a breeze.

  • Song says:

    Cool! I was thinking of coming up with bins by buglist and my team wanted to do compressors! These is great man! thanx alot for the creative thinking! >.<

  • What is the price of Bin Armstrong?

  • What is the price of Bin Armstrong?

  • Jon Hodgson says:

    I am in new zealand how can i get one and how much is it in nz dollars please let me know asap cheers jon

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  • Ben says:

    was this concept ever manufactured

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