Hydroponics at Home

Gardening can be a rewarding and therapeutic activity- unfortunately, many urban dwellers will never get the chance to experience it! Using current hydroponics technology, the Auxano concept was designed to enable city dwellers to grow their own produce effectively and efficiently (and without mess!) within the space constraints of city living. Its innovative oxygenating pump system means no electricity is needed for the product to operate.

The root cradle slides out of the top making the harvesting of the vegetable or herb an easy process. The roots freely hang down from the cradle into the nutrient solution below.
This bottom section unscrews revealing the nutrient reservoir. Feeding the plant from underneath the product makes the process more efficient and mess free.
The nutrient solution needs to remain oxygenated to prevent it from stagnating. Auxano’s innovative pump system sets this product out from any other hydroponic grower. The user simply pushes the underlying rubber pump a few times a day releasing bursts of oxygen into the nutrient tank above.The oxygen is pumped into the nutrient tank through a simple one way valve system. Operating the air flow manually enhances the user interaction with the product and also removes the need to introduce electricity to keep the nutrient solution aerated; in turn further enhancing the products eco-friendliness.

Designer: Philip Houiellebecq