The Unit Bag 2 proves that great backpack design doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s just common sense that if one product is better than another, chances are it’s more expensive too. Form and function are usually followed by a price… but there are instances where the opposite is true, where great products don’t demand the fee associated with better design. The Unit Bag 2 aims at being one of those instances.

The Unit Bag 2 is a compact-yet-spacious bag that’s waterproof, lightweight, well-padded and just costs $39. I’d normally reserve talking about the price of the bag for the end of the article, but given that we’ve seen bags cost ten times the amount (even on Kickstarter), the Unit Bag 2’s price is an important part of its feature-list. The bag, designed in two variants (one for work and another for travel), comes with a scratch-proof and waterproof exterior, and a well-padded and protected inner that’s designed to safeguard your belongings. A fleece-lined laptop sleeve goes the distance to prevent your machine from even the smallest of scratches. The backpack’s design comes optimized for maximum storage, with spacious and well-segregated interiors, as well as a variety of externally located pockets that allow you to stash quick-access items like cards or your AirPods case. Each backpack comes lined with waterproof SBS zippers that cover 3 of the bag’s 4 sides, allowing it to fully open out in a way that gives you access to every single one of the Unit Bag 2’s inner compartments… much like a suitcase.

The work and travel variants of the Unit Bag 2 weigh a mere 650 grams and 880 grams respectively, and come with 14 and 23 liters of storage. Both variants feature multiple modes of carrying, and can be worn as a backpack, a shoulder-bag or carried like a briefcase, allowing you to distribute your bag’s weight in any way. The ultra-slim bags come in an all-black design, making them truly visually versatile, with the exception of a small reflective strip that runs along the base of the bag, allowing you to be visible in low-light conditions. Designed for modern-day use, the bags even have an external USB hub that lets you plug and charge your phone from outside the bag.

This brings me back to one of the bag’s most interesting features. At $39, the bags are incredibly affordable, even by Kickstarter standards. We’ve covered tonnes of bags on YD, spanning everything from space-saving design to the use of innovative, protective materials, or even anti-theft features. It’s rare to see a backpack that encapsulates so much but still manages to cost about as much as one of Apple’s charging cables.

Designer: Updream Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $115 (66% off). Hurry, only 3/115 left!

Unit Bag 2 – The Ultimate Budget 3-way Hold Backpack

Funded by over 13,000 backers in Asia, the Unit Bag 2 has been re-engineered and upgraded to launch on Kickstarter. Designed for both the office and travel. Its slim enough to slide through the bustling metro, but spacious enough to store all your travel essentials.


Integrated Strap Pocket

Air Mesh Cushions

Fully Opening Zipper System

Luggage Sleeve

8 Organizing Compartments

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $115 (66% off). Hurry, only 3/115 left!