An autonomous robot that ensures the only thing you do in a bookstore is read

We’re all familiar with autonomous robots. The idea of little robot butlers finishing up all our household chores is simply so inviting. Well, you’ve thought of robots in your homes, but what about robot helpers at bookstores! Large bookstores can be often difficult to maneuver and manage for the employees and the customers. But Naver Labs’ AROUND B promises to handle all of it. AROUND B is a cute compact robot with wheels that will ensure the books are where they are supposed to be.

When a customer enters a bookstore and begins browsing, AROUND B will guide them and carry their chosen books to a seating area, where they can go through their books in peace without having to stand around and shuffle through them. When they’re done browsing and are sure they want to pick up a certain book, they can simply place the book into AROUND B’s storage unit, and the mini robot will carry the book to the cashier! On the other hand, the books that didn’t make the cut and are left behind, AROUND B picks them up and takes them to a common section, wherein the employees can easily gather the books and put them back in their respective section. Now, in my book-loving mind, these little bots are the perfect accessory to my book-laden arms, ensuring I can stay in my cushy spot and exit without worrying about returning the books and not confronting the world outside of my book’s universe!

Minimal, sleek and futuristic, AROUND B is one good looking robot. The various curves and lines on it create a unique aesthetic and to be honest, it almost looks friendly! I guess browsing through a bookstore has never been smoother.

Designer: Kim Seungwoo and Kyumin Ha of Naver Labs