The Proclamation Duo was designed to cook the world of cuisines with just a few pieces

The Proclamation Duo from Proclamation Goods is called a kitchen anti-set for a reason. Together, the two-pan (with lid included) combo effectively performs the job of a skillet, a wok, a stockpot, and even a dutch-oven, challenging the idea that home cooks need a cabinet full of cookware. Designed to be versatile enough to use independently, or hinged together to form a heat-trapping oven, you can actually cook everything from phenomenal steaks to pizzas to braises. The iF Design Award-winning Proclamation Duo is a breath of fresh air in cookware design.

“We’re passionate about creating thoughtful, versatile designs with a personality that weren’t previously available in the market, and we are thrilled to have won such a prestigious award as the iF Design Award for that work,” says Tony Leo, Proclamation Goods’ Chief Product Officer. Versatile is probably the best word to describe the Proclamation Duo. The two-piece anti-set’s design allows it to replace the need to own a litany of pots and pans. The Duo includes a 12” Skillet and 7QT hybrid Pot (plus a matching lid). The Skillet comes in a choice between naturally low-stick, high-performance Carbon Steel or a lightweight, incredibly even cooking multi-ply Stainless Steel, while the 7-quart Pot comes in the same multi-ply Stainless Steel construction, featuring an aluminum core for excellent heat conduction. Both the pans are designed to be induction and oven-compatible, have hollow-cast insulated handles that stay cool on the stovetop, and offer a patent-pending “ball-in-socket” hinging mechanism on the opposite end that allows them to interlock to become a large enclosed vessel, like a Dutch or French Oven.

This ability to effectively hinge and layer the two vessels helps you achieve much more with less. You can use the Skillet to pan-sear a cut of meat before braising it in the Pot or prepare a marinara sauce in the Pot before making a deep-dish Dutch oven pizza. The two vessels, with their interlocking ability, allow you to expand your cooking abilities without needing to expand your kitchen arsenal. They also prove that utensil designs, which have been around and mostly unchanged for centuries, shouldn’t be taken for granted and that there’s always room for great innovation!

The Proclamation Duo isn’t just consciously designed… it’s conscientiously designed too. The Duos are made in the USA from responsibly-sourced materials and are 100% chemical and toxin-free. The company is also a part of the 1% for the Planet movement, pledging to donate one percent of all sales to environmental non-profits, and has committed to use its burgeoning success to support sustainable agriculture and access to nutritious food for all. Each Duo kit is designed to be naturally low-stick, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher safe… and here’s the part that really brings home the bacon – the Proclamation Duo even packs a lifetime warranty, with the promise to provide the great taste of home-cooked meals for generations to come!

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Designer: Tony Leo of Proclamation Goods

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The Proclamation Duo: Two Pans, One Modern Dutch Oven

The Proclamation Duo was created to challenge the notion that you need a bloated 10-piece set of cookware to be successful in the kitchen, and instead empowering home chefs to cook more with less. It is a two pan cookware kit that includes the 12” sidekick Skillet and 7QT hybrid Pot, plus a matching lid, designed to stand alone or hinge together to create a Dutch oven while cooking and nest together in a streamlined stack when dinner’s done.

Fewer pieces means less clutter. Nested design for streamlined storage. Reinforced handles to hang above stove. Beautifully designed so you never need to put away.

Built for versatility: sauté, braise, fry, bake, and more. Responsibly sourced stainless steel with aluminum core for perfectly even cooking.

Unmatched Hybrid Design for Ultimate Versatility

1. 12″ Stainless Steel Skillet. Wide cooking surface for quick and even heating. Low, sloping sides for easy access.
2. Hinged Side Handles. Patent-pending ball and socket offers option to hinge pans together, creating a dutch oven.
3. 7QT Stainless Steel Pot. Rounded sides and a wide surface, ideal for almost any meal.
4. Hollow Cast, Dual Finish Handles. Stays cool on your stovetop for easy, no fuss handling.
5. Multi-Ply Construction. High quality stainless steel with aluminum core for excellent heat conduction and distribution. Lightweight and dishwasher safe.
6. Pourable, No-Drip Rim. Specially-formed lip for easy pouring from all angles.

Designed To Last For Generations

Lifetime Warranty

Their Story

Frustrated with unused, wasted cookware pieces and the toxicity associated with nonstick pots and pans, they set out to design an endlessly versatile and clean cookware solution. Proclamation creates intelligent kitchen essentials for the conscious consumer who cares about sustainability and cooking ‘farm to table’ whenever possible. They source responsibly, embrace minimalism, and care about our impact on the planet.

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