Biomass Home Heating

The Insuatherm Symphony water stove addresses the language of functionality in true partnership with aesthetic beauty in a central heating biomass unit. With a heat output of 30 kw and a boiler capacity of 74 liters of water, it is unparalleled in comfort as well as environmental consideration.

Designer: Acácio Viegas


  • Dave says:

    I don’t understand. Does it burn biomass? (what kind? organic burnable materials, papers, woods, human or animal waste or gasses collected from them?) How does the water and a boiler come in to play?

    It just looks like a fireplace. What’s the biomass and water connection?

  • Johnny says:

    I’ve had one of these “biomass” burners in every house I’ve lived in. They’re called fireplaces.

  • Mi says:

    the translations off this article was made from a Portuguese site where this water stove is built.
    In portugal Biomass is a word that means wood or wood wasts.

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