This tripod-inspired adjustable desk goes from sitting to standing while working from home!

Nowadays, many of us are working from home and that means our workspaces are probably also benefitting from some home makeover projects. Being able to work comfortably from your own living space is critical for not just a steady workflow, but also for both maintaining and preserving our mental health. With the disaster of a year that was 2020, the need for a relaxed work-from-home space could not be overstated. Inspired by today’s unprecedented working culture, the creatives at Intension Design came out with their Tripod Standing Desk, an adjustable, portable, and multifunctional desk designed specifically to confront the restlessness and inconvenience that too often accompanies working from home.

The desk itself is carved from Baltic birch and its supplementary, multifunctional tripod is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The Tripod Standing Desk comes with its tabletop in either Baltic birch, walnut, black, or white, a multifunctional tripod and carrying case, a quick-release plate, and finally, two non-scratch laptop stops for angled working. Once the standing desk’s preferred height, anywhere between 1.8 and 4.8 feet, and angle, which can rest at an incline or lay flat, is chosen then users will only have to tighten the tripod’s quick-release clamps like they would with a typical tripod used to mount cameras. Additionally, the Tripod Standing Desk is portable and only weighs 4.5 pounds, making it easy to work in tight spaces while traveling or changing rooms.

Already making the good kind of waves across plenty of digital platforms, the Tripod Standing Desk’s immovable stability is achieved from a mathematically proven ratio defined by the tabletop’s 12-inch length and 16-inch width and the tripod’s maximum three-foot width. With the onset of Tripod Standing Desk’s launch, many users were hopeful to see a larger tabletop option in the future. Addressing this request, the designers also explain why working with a larger tabletop could be difficult, “The problem with a bigger tabletop is it becomes harder to maintain balance since the desk is resting on a tripod…we have decided to stay away from a bigger tabletop for now since it’s not as stable.”

While a larger tabletop might be out of the question for Intension Design, for an additional cost, the desk comes with a clamp-on platform for extra functional space ideal for either a mouse or other working accessory. Proving what can get done with just one wooden tabletop and an adjustable tripod, teachers and yoga instructors alike have chosen the Tripod Standing Desk for their work-from-home spaces because, with changeable heights and angles, the Tripod Standing Desk can be used for anything from home fitness instruction to painting.

Designer: Intension Design