Cabins designed to help you feel at one with nature: Part 2

When it comes to holiday getaways, everyone loves the idea of lounging about in a nice cabin surrounded by nature at its best. Whether it’s in the middle of a forest, by the sea or on a snowy mountaintop, one can never say no to cabin vacations! Architects and designers have been innovating the basic concept of a cabin itself, creating luxurious and cozy holiday destinations. So, we’ve curated a collection of comfortable cabins that will help you reconnect with nature and yourself!

The Resort Manshausen Island in Norway is a collection of beautiful sea-cabins. With exquisite views of the sea and the mountains, it’s the best of both worlds! Located on natural ridges on the terrains, you can enjoy the view through the impressive floor-to-ceiling windows!

The Seguin Tree Dwellings are beautiful tree-house style cabins supported by sturdy pines. Located in the lush forests of Georgetown, Maine, this is as close to nature as you can get!

The classic Volvo 240 was wedged into a quintessential cabin. The designer merged the car with an adorable little red and white Winter Cabin, perfect for those family getaways during the winter vacations. However, this version of the car comprises of two Volvo 240s combined together, creating an inverted mirror image. It’s a winter wonderland with an automotive twist!

The Portobello House by Tripper Arquitetura is perfect for a relaxing getaway! The cantilevered cabin is surrounded by lush green landscapes and an infinity pool that harmoniously merges with the forest. With floor-to-ceiling windows all around the house, there will never be a lack of stunning views!

The Cabins for Single Family by Ideal Arch Visuals are perfect little cabins for nuclear families in the forests of Poland. The triangular-shaped cabins rest on terrains, with bulky wooden stilts holding them up on a platform.

The Back Country House by LTD Architectural Design Studio is a simple cabin created in an attempt to help you reconnect with nature. The open and spacious house takes inspiration from New Zealand’s uniquely typical back country huts.

Finnish designer Robin Falck created an A-frame mirrored holiday house, Nolla. Literally meaning zero in Finnish, Nolla was designed by Falck for Finnish renewable energy company Neste’s Journey to Zero campaign, in an effort to build a world with minimal emissions. Functioning entirely on renewable energy, the cabin is located on the Vallisaari island, near Helsinki.

Designed by Doug Aitken, the Mirage in Gstaad, Switzerland is completely sheathed by panels of mirrors. The structure reflects its surrounding landscapes, that are the snow-capped mountains and icy terrains of the Swiss. The Mirage looks like it’s jumped straight out of a fairytale!

Somewhere in Mexico City, suspended on a treetop is the Casa Flotante. It translates to floating house, and to be honest, the name completely fits. Designed by Talleresque, this elegant cabin gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air. However, supported by nine stilts, it is firmly bound to the ground. It’s a treehouse for adults!

This cabin is as futuristic as it gets! A far cry from the usual cabins, this one has been inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. Designed by Alex Nerovnya, it’s a sleek techy heaven in the midst of nature.

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