This DIY tiny wooden cabin comes with a Scandinavian aesthetic and a flatpack design!

Do you love DIYs? Me too! But let’s think big. Okay, a little bigger but not more than a tiny house. Now, what if I told you that you can build your own tiny cabin DIY style? Perfect 2020 project! A Hungarian company called Hello Wood has designed a tiny minimalist cabin that you can assemble yourself for creative space solutions or just an escape from your living room.

The prefabricated cabins start at $10,200 and have been crafted in a way that anyone can put it together, it is truly the ultimate DIY project. With the tiny home market ‘growing’ rapidly, the Kabinka cabin is positioned to be like IKEA furniture – easy to assemble with an aesthetic that is loved by most. The Kabinka cabin comes in four sizes that range between 129 and 215 square feet. It is a tiny cabin but it has high ceilings – over 12 feet high actually – that bring a sense of spaciousness and luxury to the otherwise simple structure. The ceiling space is well optimized to give the cabin a loft-like setup that can be used as storage space or a cozy reading nook.

Another cool thing about Kabinka is that it is a flatpack design! You can also customize it to suit your needs – it can be a private backyard workstation or a mini weekend holiday home without the heavy price tag (since you assemble it, it brings down the costs!). The assembly can take between 1-3 days and the designers say all you need is “a good bunch of helpers, basic tools and enthusiasm” to build Kabinka. The basic layout can easily fit a couch, a tea kitchen, and a stove but Hello Wood allows you to add any of these extras – landscaping, loft bed, bathroom, extra windows, glass wall, furniture, and more. While the base model isn’t suited to year-round living, with the right additions it can be easily transformed into a permanent tiny home.

“Our design-build projects are developed with people in mind. We work primarily with wood to create installations that invite participation, benefit local causes, and best serve our clients’ needs. Creating a quality space was the focus of the design process. Spatial quality isn’t necessarily characterized by big size, rather deliberate complexity. Each and every millimeter counts but we believe that for those who share this level of consciousness it is not a challenge but joy to spend their time in a minimalist home.” says the team. In my opinion, we all need to flee this urban lifestyle and get our own tiny homes so we can WFH with views for days!

Designer: Hello Wood