This Airbnb Airship brings the stargazing to your room

Airbnb has single-handedly changed how the world travels – it has not only made travel accessible but taken it up to a different dimension altogether with its one-of-a-kind homestays. Airbnb filled this gap that benefits the traveler and the host but also provides multiple tiers between hotels and motels. Like many, I love to travel and sometimes on dull days I will check for the most unique Airbnb stays, you can actually book igloos, treehouses, sheep trailers, caves, castles, and even a POTATO – yup! To add to that bucket list is the Airship002 – a futuristic tiny house in the Scottish highlands overlooking the pristine Sound of Mull.

The superhost of Airship002 describes it as “comfortable, quirky, and cool. It does not pretend to be a five-star hotel. The reviews tell the story” and they have over 200 of them! The secluded pod designed by Roderick James almost looks like a glass submarine straight out of Spy Kids but with the aesthetics of a cool adult. The insulated cylindrical structure is made with aluminum panels riveted together at hard angles and porthole windows with wraparound dragonfly glass at both ends that truly brings the outside in.

Airship002’s interiors are mostly wood and aluminum with modern-rustic decor. With the large windows and steely exterior, one might assume it is cold but, natural fabrics and soft accent lighting actually make it cozy and inviting. Especially the wood-burning stove adds a touch of homely warmth – literally. My favorite part of this pod will still be the windows that not only let you soak in the gorgeous view but also fills it up with that natural light glow. You can just curl up by the fireplace with a good book (how many of us get the time to read anymore?) or a steamy bowl of mac-n-cheese with your favorite music in the back!

Another surreal feature of this Airbnb design is the pair of windows over the four-poster queen bed in the main sleeping quarters that let you stargaze all night. And the morning coffee (after all night of stargazing!) is even more comforting on the private waterfront deck. I would recommend this stay for a digital detox given how much we all need it right now, there are several opportunities to connect with nature and savor a moment with your soul. Go for a sunset hike in a field of blooming bluebells or enjoy bird-watching along the lake, and clear night skies filled with stars. The best part – you have this property all to yourself!

Designer: Roderick James