Modern Additions in not so Modern Homes

The Grafton Crescent project replaced an existing dilapidated small lean-to rear extension with a new glass extension at ground floor level and new timber and glass pod addition accessed off the existing stair’s half-landing. The lower level accommodates a new kitchen/ dining area to relocate the tiny original kitchen that was set within the ground floor living room. The room above could be used as an additional bedroom or communal living space.

The main reason why Grafton Crescent was of interest to me is the use of new modern architecture to expand from a much older cookie-cutter like house. Most people in metropolitan areas live in homes just light this – built to meet the demands of city growth and expansion. If one were to stay true to that architecture for unit expansion – you’d just get more “boring brick work.” I love the juxtaposition; this huge square box jutting out from the rear with giant glass windows. Imagine how it would look lit up at night – almost like a lightbox. I’m absolutely in LOVE with the full size folding glass doors that open the lower level kitchen to the garden creating a unified space. What a beautiful way to bring the outside in.

Designer: Crawford Partnership