The Gruzovikus is an ‘intelligent’ freightliner truck that transports cargo without a driver

Without context, if you looked at the Gruzovikus, your first instinct would be to wonder why its cockpit is so slim. You’d then notice that the Gruzovikus has no doors… or windows. The Gruzovikus doesn’t need a driver, because it IS the driver. Designed by Art Lebedev Studio, this freight-carrying semi-truck comes with an incredibly slim profile, and is fully autonomous i.e., it doesn’t need a driver operating it, even remotely.

The lack of a designer really informs the Gruzovikus’ design process. It has NO cockpit, allowing it to be a whole lot slimmer than most trucks. It literally looks like a horizontal ‘L’, if you look at its side profile! The absence of a cockpit allows the Gruzovikus to take on a much more streamlined, aerodynamic front, with a single vertical screen that houses all of the truck’s sensors and computers. The slimmer front allows the bed at the back to be longer, giving the truck much more stability as its front axle also bears an equal portion of the load. The Gruzovikus still comes equipped with headlights and taillights that help the truck be visible to pedestrians and drivers around it, conforming to current transportation standards… and naturally, it’s all-electric!

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio