Bike to the Izzy

Plastic for the shizzy. This bike right here is made of plastic, and it’s made for the city. Immediately I’ve got to tell you my favorite part – the frame is recycleable. That means that when your frame gets a bit banged up but your wheels are still ready to go, you’ve got only to turn it in to the store for a new one! Inexpensive, lovely greenery.

This bike, whose name is “Izzy,” incorporates 2 free standing locking systems, 3 dimensional illumination, and integrated rear suspension.

I’d question the basket up front for everyone, especially non-ladies, but outside that, I love the yellow accents, the wheels look amazing, and again, that recyclable body is most excellent.

Designer: Omer Sagiv & Uri Sadeh

Izzy plastic city bike by Omer Sagiv