Kiss Your Trucker Dreams Goodbye


I’d be ticked off if I were a truck driver and rigs started to look this good just as my job became obsolete! It’s called the Volvo Autonomous Carrier and it all started when designer Kaan Karagöz left the latest X-Men movie, Logan. You know, the one with the driverless trucks and the horses in the road and all that.

This design expands on the concept of cargo hauling autonomy by addressing tire wear and maximizing useable space. First, the tire platform sections are separate and turn independently of the main cargo body (unlike conventional trailers) which minimizes tire wear and increases maneuverability. As for the useable space, the lack of a driver makes for more room up front. This also allows for enhanced aerodynamics as the accommodations for the driver no longer have to be taken into consideration (sorry truckers!).

Designer: Kaan Karagöz