This luxurious bed spins 360°- from Netflix to breakfast to the french alps with one touch!

When you think of the most extravagant beds, what comes to your mind? Bed with an in-built screen that pops up? A bed floating mid-air? A water bed that rocks like a cruise boat? Imagination runs wild and then it comes to this – the Three Sixty bed by Savoir that truly puts the extra in extravagant. As the name suggests, it rotates 360 degrees and is currently the most expensive bed on the market with a price tag of…I suggest you take a seat right now…$300,000.

This bed was born out of a First World problem – the client who contacted Savoir had bought a château in the south of France and couldn’t decide if they wanted their bed to be facing the fireplace or the windows looking at the garden and the idea of a luxury rotating bed was actually given form. Meanwhile, while I am buying a bed, I am just making sure it comes with an instruction card that is written in English and fits through my New York apartment door.

Now, even if I make it spin once a day, each rotation is roughly going to cost me $3000 for the year. The Three Sixty is meant to shock and dazzle from every angle, literally. You can change your view with a simple touch on their app. It also has reading lights, USB slots, and power outlets weaved into its sides along with glowing LED lights at the bottom to give it a levitating illusion. The expensive tag comes at the cost of 300 hours of skilled labor and the state-of-the-art turntable from Bumat, a company that usually makes them for the Geneva Motor Show. To make it even more exotic, the cotton velvet used in the headboard was sourced from Dedar and the topper was made from rare natural fibers of a Mongolian yak (I recommend you look Mongolian yak up to understand how snuggly this bed might feel).

There is no doubt that I haven’t seen a bed this obnoxiously rich but if I were to get a chance, I would absolutely take it and make sure it faces the gardens of my French château!

Designer: Savoir