Sexy Bone Noise

There are three major advantages to using bone conduction technology for headphone: ears are free from devices, higher sound clarity in noisy environments and perception of stereo sound. With the use of BRS – Bone Conduction Radio Short Wave System I’d add the fourth one as being super sexy with green lights and all! Sporting a chic design, these bone conduction earpieces look groovy and function efficiently with minimal controls. Can’t wait to see them on the shelves.

Designer: Jae-sik Kim


  • Alex says:

    cool design, but it implicates the beauty of bone conduction headphones not blocking the ear canal. one of the design advantages of the existing bone conduction headphones is that it leaves the ear open to allow outside sound other than what is in your headphones while still pushing clarity

  • Luis diaz says:

    I would like to know all information about bone condition.. Thanks for promotion..

  • sion says:


    it looks like stone (handsfree), so much 🙁

  • Where can i find more details about this invention ?

  • Francisco says:

    Hola necesito saber precio y si tienen distribuidor en Ecuador

  • JasonKim says:

    I want to buy this product. How can I buy this ?
    Is this just concept device?
    Please give me information about that.
    Thank you..

  • Alain Dankelman says:

    Seems to stay a simple design project in 2015. Not any similar products on the market. Only progress for music consumers, sportman. Nothing for simple poeple who could need such products for better life (only surgery…). I Hope to be wrong. Anyway, beautyfull design.

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