A magnetic lighting fixture that integrates itself into your home!

We’re all up for intriguing lighting designs! And Flos’ The Running Magnet just happens to be one. The Running Magnet completely integrates with the architecture of your home, such that it feels like a part of your home, rather than an independent lighting fixture. The Running Magnet can be attached to the ceiling, the wall or any part of your house. Compatible with the FLOS SMART CONTROL application, you can easily regulate and control the lighting system without having to actually move!

The light is available in a recessed, surface or suspended version. Once integrated, the panel almost disappears into the surface, merging seamlessly with your ceiling or wall if you go for the recessed version. The surface version is similar to a wall or ceiling mounted lighting fixture. Whereas the suspended version, as its name suggests, suspends from the surface it has been attached to. Equipped with a magnetic fixing, you can arrange a variety of light modules onto the structure. This allows you to detach, move around, and once again attach the light modules even when they’re on and all lit up!

There are a variety of light modules you can choose from, and add onto The Running Magnet. You have a basic light stripe, a spot module that integrates a 360-degree projector, string light options, and even mini glo-balls! You can pick and choose as you please to create a system of luminaries that run around your home, and ones that you can easily attach and detach without any technical help. I didn’t know lighting designs could be this fun!

Designer: Flos