A Desk with Many Secrets!


If you’re like us then you love to be surrounded by good design, so what better place to start than the place you probably spend hours each day at, your desk. This beautifully designed desk is Woody, and it conceals a plethora of hidden feature that elevates its functionality and usability!

A small, leather strap hints at its first secret… a storage compartment that’s big enough to hold the contents of your bag, and more. Split up into seven sections of varying size, it keeps the user’s belongings both safe and organized!

Towards the rear of the worktop is a grey section that contrasts against the top’s natural finish; hidden beneath it are power sockets that help eliminate the annoyance that meters of cables create!

Woody’s final party-trick is possibly the most hidden of them all! The angle of the legs can be adjusted to alter the height of the table, making it comfortable for the user to spend hours at each day! A subtle, yet practical feature!

Designer: Pasquè Dudley Mawalla