Innovative products designed to upgrade your home!

Our homes are where we spend the majority of our time. Hence, having a good set of home products and appliances is very important, a collection of products that make our lives a little easier and more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. And so, we’ve gathered a list of home products that we know will make you smile every time you enter your homes, with their unique designs and functionality that makes them stand apart in your space.

The Mygdal plantlight by Nui studio is a revolutionary lighting solution not just because the luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow undisturbed, but also because of its one-of-a-kind electrically conductive glass coating. It actually streams the electricity invisibly along the surface, so there’s no need for a cable connection between the power source and the LED. Bring even windowless spaces to life with a plantlight!


The ZIN18 Reborn Clock is a modern-day throwback to the ’50s. Designed by the designers and craftsmen at Millclock Company, the ZIN18 Reborn is a six-tube clock that features Millclock Company’s ZIN18 nixie tubes. These tubes are crafted entirely by hand and use better materials and manufacturing processes than the tubes made half a century ago. They also run on incredibly low energy.

The SAND clock by Studio Ayaskan is a beautiful representation of our time in the 24 hours of a day. With just one hand that makes rounds around the clock’s sand-filled bed, the SAND clock’s hand creates ripples in the sand as it moves along in the first 12 hours of the day, and then erases them over the next 12 hours, resetting itself just the way the human body and mind does.

If you’ve been tempted to treat yourself to an updated version of your old BBQ grill, well then hold your horses because Noori’s multipurpose stove, the V01 model will do it all for you. It functions not only as a rocket stove but as a barbeque, pizza oven, and fire pit. From ribs, burgers, hot dogs to wood-fired pizza, the V01 functions as a versatile cooker for all occasions. The inspiration behind the product was to take us to a time when “cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals”.


With two wooden sleeves that slide against one another, The SHELF can be mounted on any drywall just simply by pushing it in. Designed by Vasco Cabral, when you push The SHELF forward, the outer sleeve slides towards the wall, prompting a mechanism in the inner sleeve to deploy incredibly small but powerful hooks that lock into the wall. When locked, they’re so firm that the shelves can take the weight of two cinder blocks without breaking a sweat.

Mimicking a waffle maker, Mitsubishi’s Bread Oven looks like it’s come straight out of the ’80s with its retro-esque veneer brown look. Built with a sealed thermal-insulated structure, it can toast your bread without releasing any moisture, ensuring the bread is soft, fluffy and far from being dry. The metal box is equipped with two plates that can go up to temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These plates seal the slice of bread, transferring heat to it and in turn make magic.


The Visual Measuring Cups by Pam Daniels of Welcome Industries turn textual references into visual references, helping us understand cooking measurements better. While most measuring beakers and cups use indicative lines to ‘tell’ you how much half a cup is, the Visual Measuring Cup ‘shows’ you how much half a cup is, giving you a quicker, better understanding of fractional metrics. Available in four sizes spanning a full cup, half cup, one-third cup, and quarter cup, the Visual Measuring Cups are easy to use and need literally no explanation.

Designed by Tomoya Nasuda, the Magemono tumbler comes made with a Hasamiyaki porcelain inner vessel, and a Magemono Japanese cedar wood sleeve around the outside, in signature fashion. Whereas the Magemono Bread Tray, a fir tree crafted thin tray (available in two sizes) is perfect for meals, especially for the breakfast sandwich, paired with a nicely brewed cup of coffee.

Designed by Pierre Nibart, the OGarden is an indoor gardening system that makes growing fruit and veg a breeze. An incredible number of 90 plants can be grown simultaneously, with 60 plants flourishing within the wheel, and a further 30 seedlings growing in the cabinet below! It features a rather unique watering system that controls the plant’s water intake; the rotating wheel gives each plant the optimum amount of time to take in the water, allowing them to thrive, whilst a secondary reservoir that’s coupled with a pump provides the developing seedlings with water.

The PHOS, unfortunately conceptual, is the brain-child of Jacopo Mauro, who believed appliances could be made to look absolutely addictive… and he’s right. With its capsule-shaped frame, rotating cylindrical projector, use of matte metallic gradients and frosted glass, and lastly, a marble base for the perfect premium touch, the PHOS is pure eye-candy.

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