This real-life Tetris-style puzzle helps stimulate creativity in children

Designed as a much more modern and minimal take on jigsaw puzzles, the AniBlock Puzzle Challenger helps children learn problem-solving while also teaching them critical thinking as well as abstract visualization. Rather than put together shapes in a predefined pattern to create a picture, the AniBlock Puzzle Challenger uses the same block-shaped pieces to create new puzzles each time. The same blocks form new shapes when arranged differently, allowing kids to use the same tools in different ways. Unlike jigsaw puzzles that have a fixed single way of completing the puzzle, the AniBlocks have multiple solutions to the same problem, allowing children to explore new ways to complete the puzzle each time and approach a solution through multiple directions.

The AniBlock Puzzle Challenger helps capture the joy of Tetris and Minecraft with their abstract blockish architecture and introduces them to children. The block shape helps kids understand volumes better, and encourages them to develop critical thinking skills by looking at complex positive and negative forms using the pixel rather than simply fitting a triangular piece into a triangular hole, as most puzzles for kids do.

The AniBlock Puzzle Challenger comes with a set of twelve boards along with block pieces of different colors. The boards feature pixelated designs while the blocks nest right into the board, using a set of + shaped grooves. The blocks even nest one upon the other, letting you explore the third dimension too, for kids looking to explore more complex visualizations. An activity book helps keep children engaged and entertained by providing clues and allowing the kids to document their process… and while the AniBlock Puzzle Challenger is all about falling in love with blocks and puzzles without a screen, there’s even an iOS and Android app that allows kids to play with virtual Aniblocks on a screen with a variety of new puzzles!

Designer: In-Kyu Lee

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AniBlock Puzzle Challenger – Develops Creativity in Children

The AniBlock Puzzle Challenger is a new type of puzzle game with maps that features multiple solutions that help to develop critical thinking skills & brings out the creativity that is hidden in every child.

The AniBlock requires kids to figure out how to insert the puzzle piece to get it to fit with the other pieces in the proper pattern. It keeps them calm and focused.

3 Ways to Play with AniBlock

1. Solve the puzzle using various colors.

2. Solve the puzzle using one color.

3. Check the answers on the app and the booklet.

AniBlock Puzzle Challenger is made up of four packages, and each package is made up of two sets of colored blocks, one block board, and twelve patterns.

Each pattern has many different possible solutions, from dozens to hundreds when the colors of the blocks are taken into account. This makes the puzzle a great method to build your children’s creativity.


Encourage curiosity with various patterns. AniBlock offers 48 puzzle patterns in total. Each of the patterns is made up of child-friendly and cute characters, scaled for a difficulty curve.

The scaled difficulty curve makes solving the challenges a good time, and keeps your little ones motivated to keep playing.

Diverse solutions boost creativity. Let’s take this Tulip pattern for example. There are nearly 1,000 possible solutions to this pattern. Explore the possibilities: your kids will have to exercise their creativity to the fullest to find the answers. They can even solve the puzzle without using all the blocks. The key is in the experimenting.

Kids won’t get bored. By combining an analog puzzle with a digital app, AniBlock Puzzle Challenger creates a continuous source of curiosity for children. The children will harness their curiosity as a drive to solve the puzzles.

AniBlock Puzzle Challenger represents the characters in the patterns as pixels. The children will be encouraged to imagine the final completed forms as they solve the puzzle.

Once the puzzle is completed, the kids will confirm the character, and challenge the puzzle once more in search of a different solution.

Click Here to Buy Now: $19 $29 (34% off)