A DIY mechanical watchmaking kit for those who love to tinker around!

I think every designer or creative soul out there loves to tinker about. Breaking down something into its bare parts, or creating something from nothing, always has a certain thrill to it. Inspired by this notion, Jennifer Zhang and Rebecca Lee developed an all-in-one watchmaking kit! Anyone who loves to tinker around would surely love to get their hands on the ROTATE Watch Kit and create their own mechanical watch from scratch. The watch-building kit has everything you need, most importantly a step-by-step guide amped with images, that helps you through the entire process. The kit includes all the elements you will require to build the watch, from a partially assembled ETA 648 manual-wind caliber movement to a 44-millimeter stainless steel case.

Designer: Jennifer Zhang and Rebecca Lee

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A dial, faux leather straps, spring bars, the various hands, tools such as a screwdriver, tweezer, magnifying glass, cutter and more are all included.

The DIY kit comes with options of three classic styles, the Edison, the Wright, and the Galileo. Though all three feature different aesthetics, they all manage to maintain a certain level of sophistication and simplicity. Galileo features a blue dial inspired by the stars, complemented by a gold case. Edison is simple and elegant, with a white face and a faux black leather strap. Whereas Wright boasts a classic black dial, showcasing earthy tones.


The ROTATE watchmaking kit allows you to create your own timepiece, and to enjoy every bit of the process thoroughly. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watch-building, this is a fantastic option and something that could turn into a lifelong hobby!