This micro camper with glass doors, oversized window and a skylight offers panoramic ride and camping halt

I’m primarily a fan of delightful, pop-up roof off-road campers since no road is unnegotiable for them. But the Emma micro camper from Germany’s Kuckoo reminds me that not all campers have to be off-roadable.

A camping trailer with a distinctive personality, Emma is designed to make those scenic rides in the city outskirts more exciting. The trailer is fashioned with a glass door on the passenger side. Kuckoo will give adventurers an option to customize the camper with a glass door on the driver’s side as well.

Designer: Kuckoo Campers

Emma is the second desirable camper from Kuckoo. Bruno, the first variant, is a lovable option in the rugged camper market in Europe. Emma borrows the acceptable mechanics and layout of the Bruno and scales it down in size to make the micro camper easier to tow using a vehicle of choice.

The glass sides of the Emma along with the rear glass window and a skylight in the living area, make this camper a day rider’s delight. And if you like sleeping in the great outdoors at a campsite, it wouldn’t get better than safely cocooning within the Emma and still have a full, unobstructed sight of the stars and the surrounding.

This interesting towable ride for panoramic journeys and extravagant halts under the starry sky is still a prototype. Kuckoo will be working on fine-tuning Emma over the year and is expected to bring it to the market in 2024. The company has not revealed pricing and not much can be made out from Emma’s under-construction website.

From what is available through early media reports; Emma has a naturally well-lit wooden interior fitted with a folding queen mattress (that doubles as a sofa) and plenty of open and closed overhead storage. The trailer itself measures a little above 11 feet in length and accommodates a pull-out kitchen to make sure Emma can function as a full-fledged camper on your weekend getaways.

The kitchen, pulled out of the camper body, measures 37 inches and accommodates a portable stove, cooking and serving dishes. There is an additional sliding worktop (that pulls out of the kitchen slab) offering additional space for cutting and chopping. Agreeably, Emma is not the most comfortable house on wheels you can use as a permanent solution to live on the road, but it is a potent camper for adventurers who enjoy driving through panoramic pastures.