Ditch the power tools. This shelf locks onto the wall with a single push.

Imagine not needing a manual. Not needing hardware. Not needing power tools. Just your bare hands, two seconds, and a simple push. The SHELF was designed around that very idea of autonomy, easy installation, and minimal knowledge of carpentry. Featuring an innovative mechanism (that I’m still trying to figure out) that locks onto drywalls without any machinery, prior drilling, or even leveling.

The SHELF is furniture installation made incredibly easy. With two wooden sleeves that slide against one another, The SHELF can be mounted on any drywall just simply by pushing it in. When you push forward, the outer sleeve slides towards the wall, prompting a mechanism in the inner sleeve to deploy incredibly small but powerful hooks that lock into the wall (I suspect they do this diagonally). When locked, they’re so firm that the shelves can take the weight of two cinder blocks (the largest TheShelf can carry as much as 30 lbs) without breaking a sweat. If you ever want to relocate the shelf, just pulling the outer sleeve with moderate force allows the hooks to disengage, and the shelf to detach from the drywall.

The simplicity, and honestly magical user-experience, lends itself to some pretty great benefits. A. You don’t need any expertise (or hired help) to mount The SHELF. Position it exactly where you want, and it embeds itself into the drywall without any drilling, nailing, or permanent damage. The hooks on The SHELF measure a mere millimeter (1/16th inch) in diameter, resulting in holes that are barely even visible. B. The hooks don’t penetrate through the drywall… they just embed themselves inside it, leaving any wires, conduits, or pipes behind your drywall completely untouched. C. The SHELF even comes with its own outlet for a wire, allowing you to route cables for a smart-speaker or an indoor camera through it without drilling holes into it or in the wall.

The magical, levitating, push-to-fasten shelves come in three sizes, perfect for books, frames, trophies, toys, plants, food, or even home electronics. Their ability to carry weight and pass wires give them every bit of versatility, and with a simple push or pull, the shelves can easily be relocated around the house without busting out any power tools… or damaging your drywall!

Designer: Vasco Cabral

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 (Small Shelf)

The SHELF is the world’s first self-mounting shelf. Effortlessly mount The SHELF on any standard drywall in seconds!

The SHELF is an elegantly simple and versatile solution for home storage, organization and décor. There is no laundry list of installation instructions, no tools or assembly required, and no need to locate studs you simply place The SHELF against any drywall surface and firmly press to mount in one easy motion.

For a fraction of the price of the alternatives here is a better, more customizable and less intrusive solution to home storage that has the power to transform any room in your home, apartment or office.

Inside The Shelf’s low profile structure lies a mechanism which when actuated engages counter apposing hardened steel prongs into the drywall, locking it onto the surface. No brackets, fasteners or tools required. In one simple motion The Shelf does all the work.

Keep it simple, The SHELF doesn’t go past the drywall!

To remove The Shelf, installation is simply reversed. Just slide the two halves apart until prongs are fully retracted.

The shelf is comprised of incredibly high quality materials, combine that with a simple design and you get a piece of furniture that will be with you through all of your moves and redecorations.

Life is increasingly wired. Make it a little easier to keep your phone in arms reach, and make any outlet a convenient place to plug in.

A 3/8″ reveal keeps The Shelf looking like an actual floating shelf.

Installation literally takes one second, with zero compromise to strength. Weight Capacities – Large 30lbs/Medium 25lbs/Small 15lbs.

No looking for the right screwdriver, no poking around for a stud, no worrying about what lurks behind the surface. The Shelf will mount itself anywhere on any drywall surface safely and easily.

The Shelf’s modular design means you can easily expand storage space.

Each Shelf comes with everything you need for the perfect install.

Not only is there no assembly required, you can also save on shipping because all three sizes fit within the confinements of the largest shelf.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 (Small Shelf)