A watch with a single hand to track time in leisure!

The harsh reality is that our lives move at the speed of light, and finding a few moments to unwind is practically impossible. Disheartened by such a lifestyle, Christopher Noerskau and Corvin Lask joined forces with watch designers May Margot and Gabrielle Guidi to create a line of ‘Slow Watches’. And their iconic and original Slow Jo watch is out to make sure you enjoy life.

The Slow Jo is a one-hand watch with a 24-hour dial. Yes, you heard that right! The Slow Jo is virtually missing its minutes and seconds hand, with only the hour hand to convey the time to you. Minimalist, crisp, with an eccentric squarish shape, the Slow Jo takes after the original clocks of ages galore, which were based on the sundial. In the olden days, people were quite satisfied with a timepiece that only displayed the 24 hours, however as life got busier and time became money, the need to break time down into seconds and minutes was felt. And there began an eternal race, a race to overtake time.

The Slow Jo comes in a variety of versions and colors! My favorite would be the Slow Jo 19 with its matte black dial augmented by white markers and topped off with a brown vintage leather strap. However, the mechanism remains the same for all. With the 24 hours embossed on the dial, every index shows a fifteen-minute time bracket. So each hour is followed by three consecutive markers that signify 15-minute intervals. Yes, you’ll never know what’s the exact time, but do 2:33 and 2:34 make a huge difference in the bigger picture of life? Though it moves at half the speed of a normal watch, you will always be able to view the progression of your entire day.

The Slow Jo is perfectly symmetrical from all angles, in fact, the top and bottom edges showcase the exact same proportions! An anti-reflective K1 mineral glass gives the watch an intriguing vintage look, and a Ronda Swiss-made quartz movement powers the entire affair. If you need a breather, and basically feel the need to truly relish and cherish every moment of your life, then the Slow Jo is the watch for you!

Designer: Christopher Noerskau, Corvin Lask, May Margot, and Gabrielle Guidi of Slow Watches

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