Amphibious Prosthesis

It’s easy to take for granted little things like running on the beach & swimming. Murr-ma is a specialized prosthesis that extends these experiences to amputees or those with mobile disability. Inspired by the dorsal fin of the sailfish, the fins channel the water flow alongside the carbon fiber backbone & out at the sides, providing the wearer with the necessary thrust to move through the water. The split toe design also makes it possible to easily transition from sand to surf.

Designers: Julia Johnson, Thomas Essl, Yuki Machida & Damien Rocca


  • James says:

    Fantastic idea. The only modification you might want to look into making is the foot. It might be a bit too thin for certain types of sand especially when wet as the user could start sinking easily. If it were to be changed slightly to increase the surface area it would make it a lot safer and easier to walk. Think of tennis racket snow shoes and why they don’t sink.

  • Jaco says:

    I would gladly purshase a leg like this! Are they availible yet?

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