Home Ovulation Testing Made Easy

This at home ovulation-checking kit by Sungick Jo and Hyeonjin Seo helps hopeful parents hone in on the woman’s most fertile days to increase chances of pregnancy. By detecting the LH surge that happens 24-36 hours before ovulation, it can help find the best time to try getting pregnant. Because it actually detects the hormonal changes associated with ovulation, it’s also more accurate than calendar and temperature methods when it comes to predicting fertile days.

The smart design consists of a charging station, oral thermometer unit, and smartphone app. By conducting a quick oral test every morning, the user can stay on top of their ovulation cycle. Data is automatically uploaded to the easy-to-understand smartphone app where the user an track their progression and view their calendar.

Designers: Sungick Jo & Hyeonjin Seo






제 10회 졸업전시회 비핸스업로드 포cs6

제 10회 졸업전시회 비핸스업로드 포cs6