Classic looks meet modern functionality in this vinyl record player inspired stove!

I think we can all agree that one of the most vital elements in the kitchen is a stove. Not that I have much use for it, since I hardly cook, but for the rest of the world a good stove is really important. However, most stoves tend to be hefty, with not much attention paid to their aesthetics. So, product designer Hu Cheung decided to spice things up a little. His version of the humble stove takes inspiration from a vinyl record player! Though Cheung designed his stove especially for making tea, his Vinyl Record Machine Stove should work for cooking…almost everything.

Created from a mixture of wood, white plastic, and marble, this induction stove possesses a very minimal and clean appearance. Red copper has been used to highlight the tonearm and the power knob. In fact, the reddish rose gold hues make the stove look like it’s right out of Gatsby’s kitchen! Looking at it, you would be instantly reminded of a sleek record player, with a hint of the traditional and the modern. What would be the platform of your vinyl record player, wherein you place the record, functions as the induction cooktop. The power knob lies at one end of the stove. When switched off, the knob displays a little green flame symbol. Rotate it, and it instantly switches to a red flame, signifying that the stove is now on. You can rotate it further and maneuver it to either a low, medium or high heat setting.

However, here’s where it gets interesting. The rose goldish tonearm ending with a wooden sphere functions as a safety measure. When the stove is in neutral mode, the tonearm rests comfortably over the cooktop. However, once you switch on the induction stove, you need to move the tonearm aside, for it to actually begin heating up. Similar to how it’s used to start and stop a record, the tonearm is also used to get the stove all heated up! The Vinyl Record Machine Stove’s classic looks make it a very intriguing design, one that would complement the interiors of any home. Add its compact size to the mix and the stove is perfect for the modern user! With its easy functionality backed up by a good safety measure, the Vinyl Record Machine Stove is a concept that we would love to see in our kitchens someday…at least the vinyl lovers would I’m sure!

Designer: Hu Cheung