Designed from a mix of concrete and fabric, these tables will surprise you with their fluidity!

Concrete is a material that has been used since ages galore, its sturdy structure making it perfect for construction. However designer and artist Neil Aronowitz managed to use it in such a way that its fluidity was brought out. Wondering how? The secret ingredient was Concrete Canvas. He utilized UK based company Concrete Canvas’ patented material which is basically “concrete cloth on a roll”. Flexible, thin, waterproof and durable, it is an eccentric mixture of fabric and concrete. Aronowitz manipulated the concrete cloth to create a furniture collection that seems more like artwork. Consisting of the Whorl Console and Table, and the Enso Table, Aronowitz’s collection of work lays on a thin boundary between sculptural masterpieces and furniture designs.

Designer: Neil Aronowitz

The strong concrete cloth was stretched to fit the sculptural form of the design. Once it was set, the thin layer hardened.

Special casting and molding techniques were created and developed by the designer to create the furniture collection.

Arnowitz wanted to “explore the material’s unique structural properties to express a fluid form, in contrast to the dense and heavy associations that we have with concrete.” And he did this beautifully. The Whorl Table and Console are both handcrafted pieces that serve as both sculptures and functional furniture.

Reminiscent of a ribbon unfurling in the air, their curvaceous and wave-like forms have an instant calming effect. However, the coffee table is better suited as a centerpiece, whereas the console can be neatly pushed against a wall. Lightly skim coated with a smooth polish, the pigmented cement mortar of the table and console surface resonate Japanese-like minimalism.

Speaking of Japanese-like minimalism, Aronowitz’s second piece the Enso Table draws its inspiration from Japanese ink paintings. Meant to imitate the swift single stroke of a brush, the Enso table is wall fastened. Mimicking the Whorl Table and Console’s concrete and sculptural form, the Enso Table is another beautiful artistic addition to any living space.