Co/Studio’s traveling workspace lets you ‘work from home’ anywhere you go

As someone who’s extremely particular about how and where he works, I can’t begin to say how insightful and innovative Co/Studio’s design is. Small enough to fold up and fit right into your backpack, the Co/Studio gives you more freedom, functionality, and productivity than working in a coffee-shop with your laptop. Its nifty foldout design, and the inclusion of a whopping 25,600mAh power bank, means you can turn any table into YOUR table. The pad, a folding ‘yoga mat for your laptop’ provides a great surface to lay your tools out. It opens out onto any surface, giving you a singular place to rest your laptop, phone, wallet, keys, and other belongings. It even folds to turn into an angled stand for your laptop, and if you’re in a particularly crowded space, it works as a partition, letting you set up your own private space for focused productivity. It offers you the ability to ‘set up your workspace’ in a way that’s uniquely personalized, organized, and brings out the best in you.

Talking about the Co/Studio is really incomplete without mentioning the Power block, a 25,600mAh power behemoth that sits squarely in a corner of your workplace, powering it no matter where you are. The Power block works as a laptop charger as well as a wireless charger for your phone and AirPods. Its ridged upper surface lets you use it as a pencil-rest and with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port, you can power your entire workspace, charging anything from tablets to cameras to drones to even a Nintendo Switch if you like taking breaks between working. The ridged top of the Power block comes with a dual-coil wireless charger, for your phone, your earphones, or smartwatch, giving you everything you need to work remotely, no matter how far you are from a conveniently placed power socket.

Carrying your ‘workspace’ with you is as easy as sliding Co/Studio’s foldable Pad and the Power block into your laptop bag. Depending on your work needs, the Pad folds out to become your portable workstation. You can either lay it out landscape, like a mat, placing your laptop in the center, the Power block in the top left corner, and using its surface to organize your belongings… or you can fold it like you would an iPad cover, turning the mat into an angled stand for your laptop.

If you like working with a sense of privacy, however, the mat can stand upright, becoming a partition for a bespoke, private workspace. You can even use magnetic tacks with the partition, sticking notes or Post-its on it for a more customized layout. The fact that it’s a simple product with multiple applications is precisely what’s so remarkable about the Co/Studio. It respects your ‘ritual’ of working and molds itself to your needs, allowing you to be productive on the go. And when you’re done, it slides right back into your bag, waiting to be used again.

Co/Studio even lets you further customize your traveling workspace with a series of addons. A dedicated mousepad allows you to use your USB or wireless mouse on any table, without worrying about it not being effective enough, and Co/Studio’s addon Wallet gives you a storage pouch that’s the same size as the Power block, with the appropriate pouches for your cables, cards, Post-it notes, and even an Apple Pencil or so. Freelancers and digital nomads, your prayers have been answered!

Designers: Joon Hyung Yi & Kidong Kwon

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $220 ($110 off). Hurry, only 1/100 left!

Co/Studio: A Portable Workstation for Mobile Lifestyle

It’s a laptop power bank, a wireless charger, a smart stand, a desk organizer – all at a size that fits in your backpack. Co/studio is a system of products that redefines conventionally static work culture by empowering you to work on the go.

Turn any space into your own personal workstation – creating structure, offering repose, and sparking inspiration – all at a size that fits in your everyday carry.

Mobile Working is Becoming a Norm

But working on-the-go also comes at a high cost – battery drainage, clutter, lack of privacy and everyone’s greatest fear: no power outlets.

The First Portable Workstation

The Co/Studio by Cosmilli can transform any space into a full-fledged personal workstation in just seconds.

It is uniquely designed to complement modern mobile professionals. A revolution in mobile working, Co/Studio combines a suite of products to complement the modern mobile lifestyle and work experience.

The Pad – Unfold the Potential

The Pad is a versatile unit that provides multiple working surfaces with its simple folding mechanism. The work pad doubles as a stable platform for your devices, a private shield or a space divider in crowded areas.

Work pad mode: work mat that perfectly fits a 13’ – 15’ size laptop, a mouse pad, a pocket, and your favorite Matcha Latte.

Smart stand Mode: create multiple stands for books, phones, and tablets. It has enough space to support multiple objects at once.

Private mode: establish your personal space within a space.

The Power – No One Likes an Outlet Hogger

They harnessed 25,600 milliamp hours of raw power into a beautiful, compact battery. No outlets nearby? With its wireless charging and Power Delivery capability, you can quickly power an incredibly wide range of products up to 5 multiple devices at once. On average, the Power block can power your phone about 7 times, your laptop about 2 times or your AirPods about 45 times, allowing you to work anytime, anywhere.

– Quick charge multiple devices at the same time.
– Wirelessly charge your phones and other eligible devices.
– Large capacity and wide compatibility allows a wide range of products, and yes, even laptops!
– Modern and slim design makes it portable and beautiful to have out, and it doubles as a tray for your work tools.

The Accessories – The Cherry on Top

They added even more functionality with included accessories such as a mouse pad, a wallet, and a set of magnets. Carry your cables or credit cards, and even turn the Pad into a magnetic memo board. No more flipping through cluttered desks to find what you’re looking for.

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $220 ($110 off). Hurry, only 1/100 left!