Master of the brew-niverse!

Designed to look as high-end as an expensive telephoto camera lens, the Hiku isn’t for photography, but it’s rather photogenic. This pretty-as-a-picture device is capable of being the highlight of your coffee preparation process because it works as marvelously as it functions. The Hiku Coffee Grinder can precisely (and with minimal effort) grind your beans to a fine powder. What’s even more interesting is its ability to set the particle size, giving you full control over even the tiniest yet most crucial aspect of the brew.

The Hiku comes in this beautiful, brooding black color, with the demeanor of a camera lens. It even contains particle size markings that are reminiscent of those on lenses, and the rotating ring feels like it just completes the visual metaphor. Above it lies Hiku’s patented axle that rotates with ease while keeping the burr precisely in its place without deviating even the slightest. This arrangement ensures that each and every ground particle is exactly the same size, with no room for error. The Hiku can hold up to 50 gms of beans, which can make over 10 cups of coffee, so one round of bean-grinding is enough for a family/group of ten… or even a single drinker on a rather stressful day! Let the grinding calm you down before the caffeine perks you up!

Designer: Kanso Coffee

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