Furniture for the wanderlust


You know what I love about moving? The new city, the new experiences, new friends… You know what I hate about moving? The moving. Martin Gschwandtl has moved 15 times in his life and he realized what a pain it was to move WITH your belongings. Furniture has never been designed with the intent to make moving easy. They’re either too big and bulky to be moved, or they’re the IKEA kinds, which are easy to pull out of a box and set up… but they aren’t designed to be disassembled and put back into the box. Martin decided to embark on a journey to make furniture that could be as nomadic as their owners, while not compromising on functionality. Out Of Necessity, Martin’s pet project, tackles that very problem with its first product, the nomadic coat rack.

Designed to compress down the wardrobe to its bare essentials, the coat-rack comes flat-packed, but the best part is that once assembled, it can be flat-packed again multiple times. Unlike IKEA’s DIY products that involve drilling screws into wood, making things permanent, Out Of Necessity uses metal threads and inserts, allowing screws to be removed in the event of disassembly without affecting the product’s lifespan. The shelf itself becomes the packaging unit when flipped over, allowing you to pack the columns and other parts into the shelf’s cavity.

Out Of Necessity’s coat rack also embodies a minimal aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily indicate a nomadic lifestyle, but allows you to embrace minimalism with ease, letting you travel light every time you need to shift base. What’s next on the Out Of Necessity’s agenda? A minimal, easy-to-move table, and hopefully even a bed!

Designer: Martin Gschwandtl