Maserati Neptune electric supercar is perfect ride of choice for the movie I, Robot’s sequel!

Maserati and the racing DNA of the luxury carmaker go all the way back to the 1950s in the Grand Prix era. The nostalgia of the 250F Formula One race car or the grit of the legendary drivers Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss is what shaped the Italian brand over all these years. And the trident logo based on the Fountain of Neptune designed by Mario Maserati in a way defined the brand’s superiority over other automotive players. 2020 saw the Italian automaker introduce the halo supercar MC20 and to spice things up designer Salvatoreandrea Piccirillo has come with an electric Gran Turismo supercar concept, he likes to call Maserati Neptune. The designer penned this concept render in collaboration with FCA Group as a part of his training course at IED Transportation Design.

The concept borrows the driving position from the 250F Formula One racer and the negative space down the bottom middle is something that’s unique. Maserati Neptune is powered by the Formula E racecar platform with the battery positioned behind the front wheels. The Gran Turismo car has a splitter located at the front and a big diffuser on the rear, giving it a very speed demon-like character. Salvatoreandrea has designed the concept keeping the driving pleasure, sportiness, and comfort in mind – and that’s evident from what we see here.

The fat wheels, compact aerodynamic shape, arching lines, and that peculiar hollow at the bottom half of the car is so futuristic. The latter I can’t help but relate to the I, Robot movie (attributing to that hollow structure of Neptune) and a thought lurking in my mind that a sequel could have the Maserati Neptune as the ride for the main lead. It has an air of coolness to it with the eye-candy charm and the renderings do full justice to what the designer had in mind. This amazing Maserati concept can be some food for thought for prototype automotive designs and perhaps a major inspiration for Maserati to ponder over.

Designer: Salvatoreandrea Piccirillo