This one modular speaker splits up into five wireless speakers to deliver surround sound!

I love an innovative speaker design, and I’m always thoroughly surprised by what the human mind can come up with. Chalking my intrigue a couple of notches higher is Quirky’s recently launched ‘Air’ speaker. Hold your horses, this isn’t your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Air splits away, transforming from one individual speaker into five sectioned speakers. So it’s basically five wireless speakers in one!

Held together by a patented magnet design, Air looks like a cylindrical speaker when assembled, however, once you pull it apart, you have 5 speaker units in your hands, one Airbase, and four AirConnects. The speakers deliver an output of 24 watts all together. This means that you can listen to some excellent quality music in surround sound formation, or by placing the speaker units in different rooms as well! So the next time you have a party, place the modules of Air all over your home for an expansive musical meltdown. It is the first form of hardcore multi-room audio, that works perfectly indoors and outdoors! You can link up to 75 speakers to create one mindblowing audio experience. Amped with Bluetooth connectivity, Air can be charged using a Micro-USB. All the speaker units can be charged together in one go.

Air by Quirky’s founder Marc Liniado says, “We wanted to create a speaker that helped music be truly shared. Not a single speaker, limited to a single room.” He continued, “Unlike its stiff and not to mention expensive competitors, Air Audio is flexible enough to be taken anywhere good vibes and good vibrations are needed. People don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for full home audio, Air was made for sound in one room to become five.” And truly Marc has been entirely successful in creating a versatile speaker that perfectly keeps up with our busy and versatile lives. Available in a neutral black and white, Air by Quirky is the most independent and portable set of speakers you’ll ever see.

Designer: Marc Liniado of Quirky

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The Air speaker can be pulled apart into five speakers or joined together to form one cylindrical unit