Boslla’s headlights come with the world’s brightest LEDs that even have RGB features

Designed to help you switch things up, Boslla’s LED headlights are the most powerful in their class (even outshining Halogen and Xenon bulbs) and are designed to work under extreme conditions, be it scorching summers, frigid winters, or powerful rainstorms… but their most unusual feature is that they pack a set of RGB LEDs too, allowing you to switch things up and light the space up with any color you choose.

Boslla’s LEDs are industry-leading, with a brightness up to 40W that’s thrice as powerful as the brightest halogen light and twice as bright as xenon lights. The LED’s patented assembly comes with a liquid-cooled heat pipe to keep the lights running for longer hours, while the LEDs themselves boast of a 50,000-hour lifespan. The super-bright headlights help you see much better on roads in low-light settings, and to help make driving safer even for on-coming traffic, Boslla’s innovative low-beam mode features a unique beam design that avoids creating glare for other drivers. In the daytime, you can easily switch to a less-bright DRL setting, but with Boslla’s lights, you can do much more than just having ambient white light. Its RGB DRL mode lets you choose from a wide variety of colored lights!

Boslla’s RGB LEDs exist as a separate feature, to be used aside from the regular headlights of the car. Designed to work at parties, outdoor events, or just as one of those little impressive features like giving your car an underlight or LED strips on the interiors, the LED’s RGB mode is a neat differentiator, allowing you to set your car apart. In 2011, the EU passed a bill stating that all cars must have daytime running lights as a safety measure. Boslla’s RGB LEDs follow standard EU regulations while bringing an element of fun to the driving experience, allowing you to customize the color of your lights as you drive around in the day. Alternating between the LED’s powerful headlight and fun RGB mode is as simple as switching the lights off and then back on. The LEDs are up for grabs on Kickstarter, and you can easily find which size works best for you by using the handy Bulb Size Guide on the Boslla website.

Designer: Boslla

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Boslla RGB – Brightest LED Headlight Bulb with Gradient RGB Function

The up-to-40W high-brightness illumination guarantees a super clear vision and your safety at night.

Standard Beam Pattern

RGB Mode

DRL Mode in Different Weather Conditions

How to Change Modes

Just need to switch OFF and ON to change between Headlight Mode and DRL mode.

Intelligent Control Unit

High-quality electronic components of EU standards make BOSLLA RGB smarter and steadier.

Boslla vs Xenon vs Halogen Bulb

Whether it’s traditional halogen bulb, xenon bulb or Philips LED headlight, they are headlights only. BOSLLA RGB has both headlight and DRL functionality.

Brightness Comparison

Boslla RGB is 3 times brighter than the halogen bulb and twice than the Xenon bulb.

Standard Beam Pattern

Never dazzle oncoming cars and blind other drivers.

Extreme Durability Testing

Fire Testing




Hammering Nails


Plug & Play Installation


Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $199 (65% off). Hurry, only 27/200 left and less than 48 hours to go!