A bottle redesigned for fitness


Either protein shakes were not designed for conventional bottles, or conventional bottles were not designed for protein shakes. The bottle’s flat bases always end up accumulating this ring of coagulated protein powder that’s an absolute nightmare to clean. If you consume shakes (or even coffee), you’ll know what I’m talking about. An aesthetic eyesore, this particular phenomenon goes to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, making your fitness drink the very thing that contaminates you!

The guys at MOUS Fitness claim to have designed the perfect bottle. It uses an outer casing for gripping and stability, and comes with a round-base bottle that fits into the casing. Designed for shakes, energy drinks, or even fruit/veggie infused water, the MOUS Shaker bottle is great to carry on the go and even a dream to clean. The inner bottle is completely transparent, allowing you to inspect it for any drink remnants as you clean it. It comes with a rounded base, which means no more gunk because no more corners for the gunk to hide in. The bottle also has measurement markings on it, making it perfect to mix your drinks directly in. Designed to be thick, wide, and short, the bottle is great for gripping, stable when kept upright, and fits perfectly into any bag for you to carry around wherever you go. That’s quite a lot of thought put into a bottle, if you don’t mind my saying!

Designer: MOUS Fitness