This jacket packs in a pillow, has enough space so you can ditch your backpack

My biggest complaint against apparel and garment design is that sometimes fashion and function don’t see eye to eye. Clothes can sometimes look really good, but might just not be comfortable or utilitarian. When they are, they tend to sacrifice aesthetics. Take the jacket for instance. You’ve got, on the one hand, the formal jacket that looks great in the workplace but doesn’t fare well outdoors, and the hoodie or travel-jacket which is comfortable, can withstand inclement weather, and often has more storage options, but doesn’t look as dapper as a formal jacket does. Armed with a design brief of wanting to make a jacket that is both stylish and functional both indoors and outdoors, the guys at PinFin Fashion developed the Alpha Jacket, a travel jacket for the alpha-human who wants the best of all worlds.

PinFin’s Alpha Jacket treads the fine line between being a jacket that pairs wonderfully with the clothes you have, while also cleverly concealing multiple features, from hidden pockets to a water-pouch, to even a detachable hoodie with an integrated neck-pillow for the seasoned traveler. Alpha Jacket’s fabric is both stylish yet waterproof and wind-resistant, and its high-collar design and cut gives it the appeal of a casual blazer, but with reflective piping and a durable design that you can comfortably wear anywhere in the outdoors. Each jacket is armed with 8 pockets on the inside, for everything from your phone to your power-bank, keys, sunglasses, wallet, and even an iPad. Plus, a dedicated pouch for carrying a water-bladder to sip from while on the go. Pockets on the outside of the jacket find their place on the breast as well as the sleeve, secured with concealed YKK zippers that match the quality build of the rest of the jacket. The

Alpha Jacket was built to truly support the often-traveler. Designed by Dan Truong and Linh Tran, a couple who endured a long-distance relationship and found themselves often traveling to meet each other, the Alpha Jacket sits at the intersection of “jacket that’s perfect for traveling” and “jacket I can step out for social events in”. For someone who finds themselves traveling often, the Alpha Jacket comes with a detachable hoodie that has a built-in neck pillow (you can choose between memory foam or microbeads) helping you get through long commutes, and for the alpha-human who wants to look their best, the jacket comes in a variety of four colors to choose from, with a cut that defines your silhouette just like a casual blazer would, but also gives you the advantage of storage so you don’t need to lug a backpack around with your stuff!

Designer: Dan Truong

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $159 (31% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Alpha Jacket – Travel Features Without Sacrificing Fashion

A fashion-forward, & functional tech travel jacket with convenient pockets designed for everyday use. It includes an integrated neck-pillow for the seasoned traveler.

Have everything you need that’s essential to a fun trip. Keep your wallet handy, your passport safe, and your AirPods at the ready for those loud talkers.

Fashion-forward and utilitarian. Detachable hood turns the jacket into a bomber perfect for everyday city use.

Sleep better in transit with their comfortable (and detachable) memory foam neck pillow.

Power Bank Pocket keeps your phone charged.

Slim-view water bladder for hikes, biking, or long walks down the riviera.

Waterproof and wind-resistant to keep you dry and warm.

Reflective piping for safety and visibility.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $159 (31% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!