The Adjustable Pivot Seesaw helps your child learn while playing!

I was a pretty skinny kid growing up, which roughly translates to “I hated the seesaw growing up”. As a kid who didn’t weigh much, I spent most of my time on the seesaw just suspended in mid-air, as the kids heavier than me held me hostage. It isn’t really my fault I had an incredible metabolism, but back in the day, I’d have really appreciated something like this adjustable pivot seesaw!

The working behind the concept is pretty simple. Shift the pivot on the seesaw and the amount of weight needed to bring it to equilibrium changes too. Make one side longer, and a lighter kid sitting on it will weight as much as the heavier kid on the shorter end. The Adjustable Pivot Seesaw is a great playground toy to tinker with the concept of equilibrium, as kids of different weights play on it. It’s a great toy even for adults who want to enjoy some quality time on the seesaw with their kids!

The Adjustable Pivot Seesaw is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Lu Xinhui