MUJI Honda MS 01 electric bike is a no-nonsense urban commuter for minimalists

While one would consider retail company MUJI, and automotive giant Honda to be polar opposites – apparently, they still have a common ground. The two brands have joined forces to create an ergonomic and highly practical daily commuting electric bike that many will fancy for their daily riding needs.

Meet the Muji Honda MS01 electric bike inspired by the MUJI H-Type bicycle. The black and white theme on this one is a testament to the MUJI’s mellowed-down styling – in fact, the company’s artistic director Kenya Hara did most of the design bit of the bike himself. All the equipment and power of the MS01 come from the house of Honda. It is a very balanced collaboration, resulting in this minimalist two-wheeler ideal for city rides and beyond. MUJI has experience in developing automotive products, as in 2019 they launched the self-driving GACHA shuttle bus in collaboration with the Finnish tech company Sensible 4.

Designer: MUJI and Honda

You won’t get any flashy high-tech features on this electric bike – though, just enough to get you from one point to the other in the least possible time, and of course safely. The U-shaped bicycle has compact-sized pedals, classic handlebars, and the most basic headlights as well as tail lights that you could ask for. The two-wheeler powered by a 400W motor rides on 17-inch wheels, propelling it to a top speed of 25 km/h. On board is a 48V/20Ah ternary lithium battery and EBS power that gives it a range of 65 km on average.

For the rider’s comfort, the electric bike has an ergonomic three-point sitting position, with a motorcycle-level high-quality saddle. Then there are features including LCD instrument panel, keyless unlocking and aluminum alloy handlebars. As of now, the MUJI H-Type bicycle is only available in black and white colorways (the dual-tone version is not available yet), and will only be made in 5,000 units for a price tag of ¥4,980 CNY (approximately $744 USD) in the Chinese market. Release in other parts of the world is not yet announced, but we’ll be keeping an eye on any new developments.