This minimal handle-free knife will take you back to the Stone Age!

With trending diets and food habits such as the Paleo diet traveling back to our Paleolithic roots, and focusing on foods similar to those eaten in the primitive era, it’s no surprise that designers are seeking inspiration for kitchen tools from there as well! Berkel’s Primitive Handle-Free knives will take you right back to the Stone Age, resembling the tools used by some of the early humans. Shaped like a teardrop, the simple tool comes without a handle. However it’s razor-sharp blade provides a super precise cut, and can be handled with complete ease, encouraging natural ergonomics. Whether it’s for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits or even filleting fish, the sleek blade can slice through them all like butter.

Created from pure stainless steel, the knife features a tapered and long ridge on top, facilitating a smooth grip. 8.6 inches in length, the minimal knife is equipped to slice the largest and smallest items. The petal-shaped knife also comes with a nifty little stand to display it in when not in use. Available in matte and glossy finishes, the Berkel Primitive Knife will take you back to the Flintstones Era, and give you a break from your everyday kitchen tools!

Designer: Berkel Design

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