Floor Lamp Provides Controlled Lighting by Alice Van

The design is a floor lamp for indoor use within a home environment. The main function is to emit light through various filters to control the proportion of light illuminated. The pattern of the filter was inspired by the idea of fractals of repetitious forms to create the light structure. It is environmentally sound as it is manufactured from white paper cardboard of various thicknesses. It is light weight, sturdy and easily moveable with dimensions of 550 by 500, weighing 750g. It is ideally placed indoors as paper is not water resistant and not so suitable for external use. The light source is a rubberized globe to reduce the heat of the light. The idea of mood lighting is the main focus, the psychological play on light has the ability to contribute to a comfortable, soothing, relaxing, atmosphere. Through this intent, there is a socially sustainable aspect of which this deign contributes to. Artificial lighting is an essential part of our livelihoods.

The design of the light reflects upon the usage of fractals that chlorates closely with the reoccurring patterns that are created in gradual incrementations. For example, the natural patterns of plants consists of the fundamental idea of fractals. Studies were done particularly on the opening slits of the light and the filter to further understand the ambiance to how light would contribute and respond to the user within an internal setting. Light source has the ability to affect people in a subconscious way and is highly beneficial towards our health. This design emphasizes the importance of light for people and to have access to it in a more desirable and subtle way. The organic formation of the light and the penetration of light allows calmness to flows through to the user. The light glows steadily and as you observe it while in motion, it moves with you through it’s contours.

Designer: Alice Van